A Zwaardvis class boat in action, picture from the web.

Class Zwaardvis
Build 1966 - 1972
Length 66.9 m
Width 8.4 m
Maximum depth 200 m
Displacement (surface/submerged) 2370/2655 ton
Crew Size 67

Loading of a torpedo, picture taken from the Dutch web site

The Zwaardvis class boats were built after the Dolfijn class boats. Due to better welding techniques and improved steel quality, the triple hull design of the Dolfijn class was abandoned. The Dutch Navy had two Zwaardvis class boats in service (Hr.Ms. Zwaardvis, Hr.Ms. Tijgerhaai) and two boats were exported to Taiwan (Hai Lung class: Sea Dragon and Sea Tiger). The two Dutch boats are currently decommissioned and have just been sold to Malaysia. 
Below are some Zwaardvis pictures taken by Ronald Swart in September 2000. Many thanks Ronald! (

A Zwaardvis class boat at the dock of RDM in Rotterdam, picture by Ronald Swart, September 2000.

Control station inside a Zwaardvis class boat, picture by Ronald Swart, September 2000.

The torpedo room of a Zwaardvis class boat, picture by Ronald Swart, September 2000.

The Zwaardvis being towed to the transport ship that will take it to Malaysia. Picture from the NRC.

One of the Zwaardvis boats inside the transport ship, picture by Ronald Swart, October 2000.

Plans of the Zwaardvis. Drawings taken from  the Dutch modelers association. Please buy the original drawings when building this boat!!!! Large picture (8395 x 2845 pixels, 571 kBytes)  here.


Nederlandse Vereniging van Modelbouwers (NVM)
F. Kamman, van der Helstlaan 5, 1412 HG, Naarden, The Netherlands.

NVM Plan archive
Paardskerkhofweg 14, Postbus 790, 5201 AT, s'Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.

NRC, donderdag 10 Oktober 2000.


NRC, donderdag 10 Oktober 2000.