Walrus class boat at sea (picture from Ministerie van Defensie).

Class Walrus
Build 1979 - 1994
Length 67.7 m
Width 8.4 m
Speed (surfaced/submerged)  12/21
Maximum depth >300 m
Displacement (surfaced/submerged) 2450/2800 ton
Crew Size 49

The Walrus Class is the most modern Dutch submarine and the successor to the Zwaardvis class. Although this class is slightly larger than its predecessor, the high degree of automation reduced the crew number from 67 to 49 men. Four Walrus class boats are currently operational in the Royal Dutch Navy: Walrus, Zeeleeuw, Dolfijn and Bruinvis. I visited the Bruinvis at the Annual Navy Show (Nationale vloot dagen) in Den Helder, July 1998. 

The Bruinvis, a Walrus class submarine in Den Helder, The Netherlands, July 1998. Next to it is a boat of the Greek Navy. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take pictures of the interior of the boats. The Greek boat just had a revamp of the ship's electronics. During the tour of the boat, several pieces of equipment were covered. 

Control room of a Walrus class boat. The engine and dive control stations are located in the left of the picture, the computer screens on the right are part of the the sonar and fire control stations. Picture obtained from De Volkskrant

Side view of the 'Walrus' a Walrus Class submarine in Den Helder, 1998.

Bruinvis and next to it a Greek submarine, S-110 HS Glafkos.

The HS Glafkos is a German Type 209 design and was commissioned by the Greek navy in september 1971. In 1996 the boat was upgraded and e.g. new electronic equipment was installed. The Type 209 boat is 54 meter long, 6.3 meter in diameter and has a displacement of 1000 tons. Picture obtained from Hans Bouwma


De Volkskrant, zaterdag 10 july, 1999, p 13. 

Advertisement by Ministerie van Defensie in Intermediair 14, 6 April 2000