The Uthaug, a Norwegian Ula class boat during trials, picture from Tyssen Nordseewerken in Emden.

The Ula is a Norwegian diesel electric submarine. The boat was constructed during 1989-1992 in Emden Germany. In the Norwegian Navy six boats are currently operational:  KNM ULA S300, KNM UTSIRA S301,KNM UTSTEIN S302, KNM UTVÆR S 303, KNM UTHAUG S304, KNM UREDD S305. The building of a model Ula class submarine by the Norwegian Ralf Diederich is shown on this page. Many thanks Ralf! If you have any questions or comments about the Ula class model please contact Ralf:
Ralf Diederich

Class Ula, KNM UTHAUG, Scale 1:30
Build 1999-2001 Almost ready
Length 2 m
Width 18 cm
Weight 38kg
Transmitter  Graupner MC16, 8Channel(+ 1 nautic 8 channel modul)
Ballast system Compressed air ballast tank & two piston tanks

Construction of the Model. On the front the bow section with space for the equipment. In the back the central hull with the opening for the ballast tank. 

Construction of the Model. On the front the bow section. 

Beautiful bow section. Notice the details and the retractable blow planes. 

In the front the two air compressors. 

Most of the equipment installed. On the right the two compressors can be seen. The green cylinders are the trim tanks. 

This is the way the complete model is assembled. 

Aft view of the model. 

Painted bow section of the model.

The sail.

More periscopes added.

Beautiful picture of the Ula in the water, photo by Arne Flaaten Forsvarets Forum.

Dive! Dive! Dive!, photo by Arne Flaaten Forsvarets Forum.

This is The Man who made this beautiful boat: Ralf Diederich, photo by Arne Flaaten Forsvarets Forum.

Plans of the Ula class, 1989 (N). Large picture (1234 x 372 pixels, 37 kBytes) here

Another Ula class with in the back a Swedish Sjöormen. This Ula boat was made by Ralf Quidde who also made the hull for Ralf Diederich. If you are interested in obtaining a hull please contact Ralf Quidde. 

All credits to the pictures on this pages go to:

Ralf Diederich

Please let him know if you appreciate his work!

Link to a web site of Geir Isaksen showing a lot of pictures of the Ula class.