Foxtrot B-39 on display
Visit this Russian Submarine, South Quay, Folkestone Harbour, Kent, GB.
All Submarines on Public Display
A list of all submarines on public display.
Marinemuseum Den Helder
Museum where the triple hull submarine Tonijn can be visited.
Intrepid Sea Air and Space museum 
Museum where the Growler can be visited. 
New York city, Pier 86, 12th Avenue & West 46th Street, New York (NY) USA.
Royal Navy Submarine Museum
Very nice site of this British museum. Detailed section on midget submarines.
Scheepvaart Museum Amsterdam
Maritime Museum Amsterdam. In the museum a periscope sticks through the roof so that the city of Amsterdam can be viewed. The museum has an excellent library and bookshop. Not a sub on display however.
The Museum of Science and Industry
The German U 505 that was captured during WWII can be visited here.
Fin Art
The fin project his artwork speaks to the idea of turning the ultimate weapons -nuclear submarines- into art.
Baltimore Maritime Museum
Museum where the Torsk can be visited. Inner Harbor of Baltimore  on Piers 3 & 5. Mailing address: 802 South Caroline Street, Baltimore, MD 21231. Phone: 410-369-3453. 
International Submarine Art Gallery by Sarah Paterson. This site contains beautiful acrylic and watercolor paintings. Originals and reproductions can be purchased.