Bow view of a Russian Zulu V class submarine.

Class Zulu
Build 1952 - 1955
Length 90 m
Width 7.5 m
Speed (surface/submerged) 18/16 knots
Maximum depth 200 m
Displacement (surface/submerged) 1900/2350 ton
Crew Size 75

The Foxtrot is a Russian submarine of the Zulu class, build during 1952 - 1955 in Leningrad and Serodvinsk, Soviet Union. This particular boat was bought by a group of Dutch submarine enthusiasts and was towed to Den Helder. Foxtrot is the name of the company that exploits the boat. This is a bit confusing since the Russian Foxtrot class (1958-1967) is the successor of the Zulu class. The early Zulu boats were used for trials with missiles (V-2 and Scud). The Zulu V class is capable of launching two guided missiles while surfaced. The Zulu can be visited in Den Helder, The Netherlands.

Stern of the Foxtrot.

Control room of the Foxtrot. The wheel (A) on the right in the picture is part of the dive station. It controls one of the dive planes. Notice the huge amount of valves (B) used to trim the dive tanks.

Periscope room of the Foxtrot which is located above the control room.  Inside the sail, above the periscope room, is the bridge used for navigation while surfaced. 

Bow torpedo room, with six torpedo tubes. Engine room. Notice the bed (A) directly above a diesel engine.

Plans of the Zulu class submarine, drawings from Foxtrot 1994. A larger Gif image (6790x3465, 573 KB) is available here


Visit the Zulu class boat at Foxtrot BV, Weststraat Rijkswerf 1000, 1781 BW, Den Helder, The Netherlands.


Russian Submarine, 1994, 'Beschrijving van de lange-afstand onderzeeboot van de Zulu klasse project 611', Foxtrot b.v.